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Steadicam, steady-cam, Movi, Phila., PA, New York City, Washington, DC, DP, Director of Photography, commercials, videography, production, live TV, concerts music videos.

Welcome to my Steadicam, Movi and DP web site.  Let’s be honest: it’s a sales site to convince you to hire me and my gear.

It is hard to imagine how far I (and the whole film and video world) have come since I used a super 8 camera for a high school class project.  It took two years of college before I realized I wasn’t meant to be an MD but a DP.

I specialize in Steadicam, but I love all types of shooting: from product shots, to indie films, to on-the-run documentary.  I am now exploring the advantages of shooting with the Movi. Over the years I’ve bought enough cameras to buy another house.  From Betacam, to digital, to HD, to the next HD, and the next HD . . .  I don’t post the cameras I now own because by the time you read this they might be obsolete. But not my demos.  Please check my demo links for Steadicam, Director of Photography (DP)and more samples on the following pages.

I am based in Philadelphia, PA, but regularly travel to New York City, Washington, DC and anywhere you want me.

Tom Upton

Contact me via cellphone or email if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to get started:

Cell: 215-896-0084

Email: uptom@verizon.net